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About Storytrail

Explore the world’s greatest cities with Storytrail. We’ll show you the must-sees, the hidden gems, and the curious stories behind them all.

Jason, the storyteller.

You’ll be seeing a lot of me on the way. I’m Jason, co-founder of Storytrail, and your friendly host in our little videos. In each video I’ll tell you the curious stories behind a particular place in the city. Stories that range from the historic & cultural to the weird & wonderful.

We’ve strung those videos together into walking trails - or storytrails - that guide you through different city neighbourhoods. Just as much fun for armchair travellers as city explorers!

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If you like Storytrail then please help us to spread the word. The more people that visit us, the more cities we’ll be able to make. We love making storytrails and want to make a whole lot more!


Many thanks to our investors, Portugal Ventures, whose financial help and belief in us have helped make Storytrail possible. Thanks also to StartUp Lisboa, Vodafone Power Lab, and Labs Lisboa, who’ve given us support and a place to grow. Thanks, guys!

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